Focus your creativity.

Handbooks is a digital content platform that helps your sales, collaboration and follow-up activities. Just tap on your device to create an attractive visual "book" and share to everyone in many ways.

Create "books"
Show off your work. Arrange your files into one beautifully presented handbook that’s easily accessible, wherever you are.
View offline
Handbooks are stored locally on your devices, so you can access them at any time – even when you’re not online.
Share instantly
All your handbooks are updated in real time: open any book or file and share content in a flash.

Attract your client

Handbooks lets you present your digital content beautifully in a face-to-face format. Easily engage and build relationships with prospective clients and create an interactive digital leave-behind that puts your work at the centre of the discussion. 


Accelerate collaboration.

Stop annoying email attachments to your work. Collaborate with your coworkers and clients more directly. Handbooks can organize your work seamlessly from your devices or clouds, distribute up-to-date versions directly to your clients wirelessly with your team, and speed-up their feedback with it's direct and easy comment and annotation functions.


Improve trust in your
corporate brand.

For maintaining and improving customer relationships and increasing your profitability, the best way is to provide your up-to-date case studies and your professional knowledge on a continuous basis. Handbooks enables you to update your content and send your messages directly to your clients mobile devices.

Feature include:
  • 1GB Free Online Storage
  • Content Management
  • Offline Support
Everything in Basic +
  • 10GB Online Storage
  • Tagging
  • PDF Annotation
  • Messaging
  • Branding and Customization